Kirsten Lies-Warfield hails from Fargo, North Dakota. While that may seem like the middle of nowhere to many, she received a high quality arts education from teachers who still influence her thinking today.


Kirsten found further inspiration at her undergraduate institution, Lawrence University, where she received a BM degree, magna cum laude, in 1994. Following graduation, she married Patrick Warfield and moved to Indiana where he began graduate school. Ms. Warfield began her studies at Indiana University in 1996, receiving a MM degree and then moving on to doctoral studies in brass pedagogy. She joined The United States Army Band in 1999, becoming the first woman trombonist ever hired by ‘Pershing’s Own.’ 


Ms. Warfield has also been principal trombone of the Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic and the Prince George's Philharmonic and is currently second trombone with the Arlington Philharmonic. She is a member of the contemporary music group, Great Noise Ensemble, the ethno-funk band, Black Masala and is currently serving on the board of advisors for the International Trombone Association. She has played with the Monarch Brass, Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra, Chopteeth Afrofunk, Shannon Gunn and the Bullettes, McLean Orchestra and Pan-American Symphony Orchestra. Ms. Warfield also is an active composer-performer, writing works to suit her needs and tastes to perform for local and national audiences.

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