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At Full-Blown Trombone, we want you to focus on music, not on paying bills!  For that reason, all of our members have a credit card on file and are enrolled in monthly auto-pay.  But payment details are never murky -- You can always access all of your billing info 24/7 on the student portal!

Members pay for all of the month's availabile lessons (excluding any studio holidays or breaks, shown on the studio calendar).  If you need to miss a lesson, you can receive a make-up credit and make that lesson up at any monthly make-up date during the year.  Full details below!

2022-2023 Prices:

30 minute lesson online or at one of our locations: $40

45 minute lesson online or at one of our locations: $60



All members sign and agree to these membership policies before acceptance into the studio!

This agreement pertains to the school year September 6, 2022 - June 9, 2023 between Full-Blown Trombone LLC and the student.


Student Absences


When choosing a lesson time, please consult all family, medical, academic, sports and arts calendars. Missed lessons affect the student's progress. More than 2 consecutive missed lessons with less than 2 hours notice will result in removal from the studio. Please inform us at least 2 hours before a scheduled lesson if you need to miss your weekly lesson for any reason. Lessons canceled less than 2 hours before the scheduled time will be forfeited with no make-up or credit. Lessons may be canceled through the Student Portal or by informing the teacher. Please communicate any issues or concerns that may be affecting your ability to attend lessons. Students should arrive on time with all lesson materials. Lessons that begin with a late student arrival will still end at the scheduled end time so that other students are not impacted. In the event that you need to miss a lesson, you may make-up up to 4 lessons during a school year. Make-up lessons will be offered once each month on a designated “make-up day”. These dates will be announced in the monthly studio email and on your Full-Blown Trombone calendar. Different teachers may have additional group make-up classes available, and you can find these as well on the student portal. Make-up days will utilize virtual lessons (Zoom). At our discretion, we may provide group make-up lessons. Make-up credits may not be used for a regularly-scheduled lesson. (See “Make-Up Days” below.) Students may make up an additional 2 lessons per school year if the cancellation is due to participation in their school concerts. There will be no refunds or credits. Unused make-up lessons will expire at the end of the current school year, June 9, 2023. Lesson cancellations beyond the first 4 of the academic year will be forfeited with no make up lesson.


Make-Up Days

We understand that you may need to miss an occasional lesson. For your convenience, we've already scheduled one make-up date per month. As long as you've given us more than 2 hours notice and are within your first 4 missed lessons of the year, you may sign up for any make-up date throughout the year with any teacher! Please sign up for lessons on make-up days 24 hours in advance. It is the responsibility of the student or parent to schedule these. The easiest way to sign up for a make-up day is by registering via the Student Portal on These make-up lessons may be taught by a cooperating teacher instead of the student's regular teacher. If the make-up date you would like is going to be taught by a teacher other than your student's normal teacher, you'll need to email us to sign up at (The Portal won't let you use a make-up credit with a different teacher, but we will!)


Mid-year modification

Students who join the studio January 1st or later will have the opportunity to make up 2 absences for the remainder of their school year and an additional 1 absence for school concerts. The Make-up policies above apply.



If you miss a scheduled lesson without notifying us at least 2 hours in advance of your appointed lesson time, the lesson will be forfeited with no make-up. This also applies to non-traditional types of lessons: If we have a virtual lesson scheduled and you do not show up on Zoom, you will be classified a “no-show”. If we have an in-home lesson scheduled and you do not answer the door, this will be classified a “no-show”.



Practicing is crucial to success. Students should consider their practice assignments as important as school homework. Chronic failure to practice may result in removal from the studio.



The schedule for the school year will be constructed in August. Your lesson time will remain the same from September through June. There may be certain exceptions should your instructor's availability change. If you require a schedule change in the middle of the academic year, we will try to accommodate your request but cannot promise that another space will be available. Please make every effort to schedule other activities around your lesson time. Summer lessons (July and August) follow a slightly different schedule.


Payment for Regularly Scheduled Lessons

Each family will need to have a card on file with us. On the 1st of each month, you will be emailed an invoice, and the card will be automatically charged for the month's tuition. This requires no monthly action from you. You will be charged for all available scheduled lessons for each month. In the event of a billing issue, please contact us as soon as possible at


Late Payment

If for some reason your card is not able to be charged, we will contact you. A late fee of $10 per week will be added to your account for every week that you are late on your lesson payment. If we are not able to collect payment prior to your second lesson of the month, lessons will be temporarily suspended until we can sort out the payment.


Holidays and Teacher Absences

You will not pay for any lesson that we have designated as a holiday break. Most holiday breaks will coincide with that of the area's public school calendar, but they may not coincide exactly. Please check your Full-Blown Trombone calendar for these dates. Your regular teacher will occasionally need to miss a lesson due to professional performance opportunities, family obligations, and/or sickness. In the event of such a teacher absence, a different instructor may substitute for the regular teacher. Lesson policies will still apply. The teacher may also choose to reschedule to a mutually agreeable time. Once you both agree on a rescheduled lesson time, regular attendance policy stands.

Elizabeth Seton HS Students

Students taking private lessons at Elizabeth Seton High School should also refer to the Full-Blown Trombone calendar.  In addition to Full-Blown Trombone official closures, there will also be no lessons for Seton students on days when Elizabeth Seton is closed.  On early dismissal days, we will still have lessons.  Every effort will be made to adjust lesson times earlier on those days for your convenience.  


Leaving Full-Blown Trombone

If you wish to discontinue lessons, you need to finish out the month you have paid for and notify Full-Blown Trombone LLC by email at by the 20th of the month prior to your leaving. For example, if you need to leave the studio effective March 1st, then you need finish out your February lessons and email us by February 20th to avoid being charged for March's lessons. There are no refunds. Any unused make-up lessons will be forfeited. Unused makeup lessons may not used as credits when leaving the studio or at any other time. They can be used only on designated make-up days while you are a member of Full-Blown Trombone. Any break in paid lessons, even temporary, will constitute “leaving Full-Blown Trombone”. Lesson times cannot be held in the event that you leave the studio, even on a temporary basis.


Inclement Weather

In the event that the public schools in your area have closed early, canceled school, or canceled all after-school activities due to inclement weather, we will automatically revert to Zoom lessons for the day at normally scheduled lesson times. Normal lesson policies apply. If you do not have Zoom, you can easily download it for free. These lessons follow the same absence policies as traditional lessons.


In-Home Lessons

There must be an adult present in the home in addition to the teacher and student during in-home instruction. If an adult is not present in the home at the scheduled lesson time, the instructor will leave and the lesson will be forfeited without make-up opportunity or credit. The lesson must happen in a public area of the house. Lesson times may vary slightly week-to-week according to unpredictable traffic, but students will receive the full lesson duration from the time of the instructor's arrival.


Zoom Lessons

For the protection of all students and teachers, please set up your device in a public area of your home for Zoom lessons. There must be an adult present in the home at the time of the lesson. If you're having technical difficulties, please call or email your teacher as soon as possible to let them know.  Students may join their Zoom lesson by using the link in reminder texts and/or emails or by logging onto the student portal and using the "join lesson" button.

Lessons in an Instructor's Home Studio

There must be an adult present in the home studio in addition to the teacher and minor student during instruction in a instructor's home studio.  The adult must also abide by the COVID in-person lesson guidelines below.


COVID In-Person Lesson Guidelines

If you choose in-person lessons, you agree to abide by the Full-Blown Trombone In-Person Lesson Guidelines (link below and on the student portal “news” section).  Please note that this is a live document.

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