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Taking lessons with Full-Blown Trombone has enriched my life in many ways. Of course, working with Ms. Warfield, I have greatly expanded my musical skills and have begun to experiment with and learn very advanced and fun techniques. My life has also been enriched in other ways such as learning time management skills, which I can apply to my practicing, or to any thing else in my life; such as homework or chores. In addition, before starting at Full-Blown Trombone, I knew very few female low brass players, almost all of them were male. through Full Blown Trombone, I've been introduced to many female trombone and low brass players that I can look up to and see as role models. Thank you Full Blown Trombone for everything you have given me and I can't wait to learn more! - S., Student

Angela is without a doubt one of the best music teachers my daughter has ever worked with. She knows how to meet kids where they are and encourage them with patience, caring, and a clear love of music and the trombone. Not only does she teach her craft beautifully, she infuses active listening, a bit of history and the culture of brass into her lessons, making them truly dynamic. Any make-up lessons we had with other teachers at Full Blown Trombone were wonderful as well. I would recommend working with Full Blown Trombone without hesitation, I’m even considering taking up a new instrument because of the positive experience we’ve had! - Nina, Parent

I want to thank you for all you've done for Alex over the years. As I've said before, he loved playing the trombone because of you. You were always so supportive and encouraging, striking just the right balance between scolding him if he didn't practice enough or follow your directions and joking around with him and making it fun. I loved the way you helped him set goals. I loved the comment cards you put out at the recitals. I loved how you shared opportunities to hear professional concerts and participate in trombone-related activities. You are a fantastic teacher. - Rita, Parent

I have been having lessons with Mrs. Angela for four years. She is a very bright and nice person that has a passion for music. She has played with other professional bands and makes sure to tell her students about opportunities that allow them to perform and get a learning experience out of the program. I loved having lessons with Mrs. Angela. I learned a lot and she helped me become more comfortable with my trombone. She really is a great teacher and I am glad I got to learn from her.      - Monique, Former Student

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