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Level 1 "pBuzz: Intro To Brass"
for 1st & 2nd grade Homeschoolers

girl holding a pbuzz above her head

Learn to play the pBuzz!

Participants learn how to play the pBuzz in 4 weekly 30-min classes formulated specially for 1st and 2nd grade personalities! This live online class doesn't feel like online learning- it's interactive, fun and engaging. We explore 1st and 2nd grade musical concepts like high/low, fast/slow, basic rhythms and rests as part of our pBuzz Zoom band. Participants discover the sounds, shapes and musical personalities of a different brass instruments each week. Every class we also get our little learners wiggling in a segment featuring movement and rhythm games. They have a blast! While they're having fun, we sneak in tons of content that's aligned with the National Music Education Standards. At the end of the class, you'll get a detailed class content sheet for your portfolio. The pBuzz is an inexpensive and durable plastic pre-brass instrument that you can buy for about $30. Before you invest in an expensive instrument and lessons, give the pBuzz a try and let your little learner explore the world of brass! This is a short term class sparking long term musical interests!

$48 (just $12 per class!)

pBuzz is not included in class price but widely available for purchase

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We'll be in touch to schedule a class that works for everyone on the wait list!

Parents say...

I liked how interactive the class is, you gave the children an opportunity to practice and share what they learned with each other.  I also appreciated that you didn't force anyone to share and were very understanding.

You are a very engaging teacher.  Through the instrument his is also learning topics like tempo and pitch.  It is also a fun instrument to learn.  I like the change up from the traditional recorder.

Thank you for making L's pBuzz class so fun!  He looked forward to it each week and is excited about the next level class.

My son shared the new vocabulary he learned with his dad and brother, he also shared any songs and or examples of notes he learned with anyone who would listen HAHA!  His grandpa heard a lot of the pBuzz!

"pBuzz: Intro to Brass" Class Registration

To register, please fill out the information below.

Please do your best to attend sessions!  There are no refunds or returns for missed classes. 

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